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Malcolm J Smith (Know as Psychic Malcolm)

Top Professional & International – British Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Mentor - Coach – Trainer - Voice over Artist - Sky TV Presenter / Reader

Trust your hopes Not your fears. Accurate – Honest and to the point.

Oranum & Britain’s Most Favourite Male Medium-Psychic, Always generous in his ability to work with his Clients, Malcolm has shared TV screen with some of the UK's other most acclaimed Professional Medium.

With over 36 yrs of Experience Working with clients from all walks of life on a daily basis regarding all issues of everyday life, with what it throws at us, i have my own business in the Uk, as a fully time Psychic for the past 18years and working in other fields of Performance Edge business coaching using the power of law of attraction and teaching psychic development and lots more!.

I work on my own web-site, which i have had for over 15 years now & Oranum, since it was introduced to the UK some four years ago. Also i was the first UK reader to join Oranum.

Over the past 35 years i have help thousands up on thousands of people, giving them clarity and guidance and help them to take their lives forward. Hence it made me the Psychic i am today, (Caring and understanding)

On Oranum: - i can Offer you in private the Following listed on the line below.

Live on Cam - One to One Readings - E mail Readings – Meditation – Also the Basic Grounding and Protection exercises.

Specialist Fields: - Love - sex - relationships – Home - Career – Business – And Daily Life Issues.

I am all ways willing to share my experiences & Knowledge of the Spirit world.(in my free chat room)

I came into Spiritualism in the very early 1980’s although i had always been aware from a very young age that someone was always watching over and guiding me. For over 30 years now i have been helping people find their way with a rare degree of honesty and empathy.

I was very lucky i was trained by a much respected Medium at a local spiritualist church where i learned deep meditation which brought out my natural clairvoyance and mediumship skills. These skills have been with me since childhood but this experience medium identified them and helped, at the time, to train me to be the person i an today.

I am sure you must have visited many Psychic / Clairvoyants! Even some on Oranum i guess!! In you search for that special guidance, why not let me, with the help of my spirit guides help you through all aspects of life’s journey.

I will give you a reading in my own unique fashion that you will discover “like it or not” is outstandingly accurate.

On a Daily Basis with my business i am involved with:-
Psychic Development

Tea Leaf Reading

Ribbon Readings

Crystal Ball Gazing

Meditation & Relaxation

Reading the Tarot Course

Distance Learning

Psychic Suppers

Mystical Magical Nights

Evening’s of clairvoyance

Mystical magical Markets

“I can help you find your path – the choice to walk it is yours and yours alone”

Love & Kindness
Psychic Malcolm

I am Based in the South Midland in the UK in the Heart of Country.

Born in William Shakespeare County, In the of Town of Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire

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