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✪“Amazing” “Very positive psychic” “Extremely Accurate” “trusted psychic”✪

I am so happy to be able to provide you with my psychic intuition to help you on your life's path!!!

❥ I can guide you with questions concerning Love, Relationships, Business, Career, Education, Purchasing a home, Family Concerns, etc.

✪ Is he/she the right one for you?
✪ How might your relationship advance?
✪ What are the problems blocking you in your relationship or business?
✪ Will you fall in love?
✪ Is he/she cheating?
✪ Time Lines.
✪ What you should be focusing on.
✪ What are they hiding?
✪ Will your financial situation improve?
✪ Should you move?

✿ I care and want to help you. I will give you honest answers and try and help provide solutions. You came to my page for a reason :)

HOW MY READINGS WORK – I draw on your energy and focus on the question. I then wait til the first card falls out of the deck (this tells me that the cards are ready to be selected). I do a Celtic Cross spread and it can indicate the situation – what you may expect in the next 3 weeks – and what you may expect in the coming 3 months.
My time lines have been considerably accurate in past readings.

The universe provides us with what we need and can help us manifest what we want in this life.


TAROT – Tried trusted and true – my most used and favourite medium

PENDULUM - I will ONLY use the pendulum if I feel a "true" energy in the room during your reading.

SPELLS - I can also write spells/meditations for you (please see under MEDIUMS I USE below to see how to get a spell). Help you to see what is coming and how you might avoid what you don't want and attract what you want.
If you are looking for me to write you a spell for your situation. I can send you a detailed message (click on email reading 14.99).
I suggest having a private reading first so I can see the situation. Might be that you think you need to focus on one aspect of the situation when it may suit better to focus on a different aspect.
I do not write spells that will harm anyone. My spells are written for GOOD. I am a white witch. You will be surprised on changes that can happen in your life when you have the universe working with you! I will send you an email after your reading and after I have found out what it is you need with spell details. (Day, Time, Supplies, what to say, how to feel when casting your spell, and any other details that correspond to your spell).

In any spell work I suggest you act without fear and without manipulating another's free will (with harm to none your spell be done!).

PSYCHIC/CLAIRVOYANT/ENERGY Reading - This type of reading can be quite exhausting for me. I choose not to tap into this energy but sometimes it will happen during a reading. Usually I sense feelings/emotions. Sometimes numbers/pictures/letters/words will flash in front of me.

CRYSTAL BALL & TEA LEAVES - I am experienced in these types of readings but find they aren't suitable for online readings.


My Great Grandmother Stone (who I never had the chance to meet in this life). Was a gifted psychic. She read Tarot Cards and Tea Leaves for a living.
She taught my Grandmother to read.
The gift was passed on to myself and one of my cousins.
It's quite an amazing history and I am grateful to be a part of it!
I was given my first deck on my 16th birthday over 22 years ago.
Over the years I have honed my skill and connection to the divine.

FREE CHAT - is for general chat and is a good way to get to know me and ask any questions you may have about a private reading or spell work. Please don;t ask me to answer questions for you in the free chat. I do provide my clients assistance in the free chat with any follow up questions after a reading or in between readings that were in a paid, private consultation with me. MY GUARANTEE: If I cannot properly address your concerns in private consult, I will end the private session to save your credits. "Test" or "connection" questions in free chat are unnecessary. Please read client testimonials if you need assurance. Due to site rules I can't give readings in free chat & I don't do demos other than answering a question for a regular client in free chat. If you are not already my client, you are welcome to watch while I may be answering clients' follow up questions after their readings in private with me. I'll be happy to discuss your concerns with you in private.

Comments are always appreciated after a reading to help others know of your experience with me as well as to help me be able to offer you my best attention and expertise!!!

♥Seek the beauty in life and love - The world is a Magical place! ♥

I hope to help you with your questions very soon!
Thanks for visiting. Blessed be! ✪
☆ The Good Witch☆
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“She is one of the best readers I've ever seen on oranum! So kind and really beyond spot on. Knows that someone is having legal issues & I didn't tell her he had court next week. That is just one example of the extreme accuracy. It was really great and she really helped me to shore myself up and stay strong, see the man I asked about for how he really is, which is manipulative. She encouraged me in so many positive ways. :)”
spiritflower79, pittsburgh

Completely wonderful. I will be back. She answered all my questions so thoroughly and spot on it was scary. Thank you so much!
RuinofDarkness, San Diego

Very positive psychic and very accurate. I have been having reading with her almost a year. She is really good.
jessicavictoria9, california

Her tarot reading is at another level! COMPLETELY at another level. I mean all i have to say is WOW!!!!!!!!
amnarashid, Sea Brook

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