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5☆ PSYCHIC AUTHOR 44 yrs Love/Relationships/Money Expert, Accurate & Fast. No time wasted. No silly claims. ★ $2.99
With 44+ years experience and a reputation for honesty, I have an exceptionally high accuracy rate. I am a psychic, channel, energy healer, spiritual teacher and author. I have an international client list.

My connection is with God / Source. I channel higher energy messages. My methods of reading have been developed over four decades and are exclusive to me. My Work heals, enlightens and frees you.

The information I give you is based on the current energy path of you and those involved. I read the energy around you, the connections in your future, and deliver VERY accurate results. NO TIME WASTED! fast! fast! answers.

Every reading, every person, every circumstance is different. Therefore the tools (or no tools) that I choose to use will vary depending on these factors. My readings are completely tailored to your individual path.

Charitable works include Diabetes, Blankets for Kids, Heart and Stroke, Kidney Foundation and more.

More than two dozen experts on Oranum are repeat clients of mine.

Psychic Janet Thompson

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-- GENERAL READING ... ☆ ☆ ☆
My General readings take a look at the next twelve months and cover all aspects of your year ahead. If you are looking for a clear picture of what lies ahead, this is for you.

Understand how the Law of Attraction changes your life, once you begin to use it to manifest what you want. A 20 minute session begins and strengthens your journey to manifesting the very best life for you.

Over 25 years ago, I developed a formula for a method of revealing past lifetimes, through my years of study in metaphysics, quantum theory and Kabala. I have been using this formula ever since, with overwhelming success and accuracy. I am the only psychic who uses my technique; I have never taught it to another.

* Become aware of the critical loops between past lives and this one. It is as much a part of human spiritual growth as the past of your current life. A past life reading will help you gain understanding of where some fears, abilities and memories come from. Release yourself from the baggage of the past.

☆ LOVE - Relationships / Friendships / Soulmates
☆ MONEY - Career / Success / New Projects / Business
☆ PAST LIVES - Weight Issues / Fears / Creativity / Life Path
☆ MANIFESTING - Law of Attraction / Manifest Your Life / The Secret
☆ DREAM INTERPRETATION - Meanings / Symbols / Connections / Visions

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My love for my work shines through and my readings will address your deepest concerns in a professional and straight-to-the-point way. I do not tell you what to do. I let you know your options and what responses might best work for you in your life. If I feel a lack of connection and i cannot help you, I will have you end the session to save you money.

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I have over 40 years experience doing psychic readings, occult work and spiritual counseling. As a strong empath and clairsentient/audient, I have no need for tools. When tools may confirm, I use tarot, pendulums, spirit art, automatic writing, runes and more. I am a psychic artist, spirit writer and lightworker.

When I use cards, they include, but are not limited to the Morgan Greer Tarot, Gypsy Lenormand Oracle Deck, the Psychic Tarot, Gipsy Cards, Lenormand Tarot and the Universal Love deck.

Among my books in print are -- Magical Hearth: Home for the modern pagan -- and -- Of Witches: Celebrating the Goddess as a solitary pagan -- . Both books have seen world wide success and translation. Other writing includes three volumes out in ebook format and over a thousand new age articles about psychic ability, magick, gods and goddesses, the Higher levels, the Law of Attraction, spirituality and other metaphysical topics.

My university degree includes in-depth studies into world religions, history, philosophy and psychology, all which aid me during your reading. I'm a Master Herbalist, HPS, Spiritual Councillor and Energy Healer

Growing up with both old world influences and down to earth freethinking parents I learned to appreciate the psychic gifts that have been passed from generation to generation from both sides of my family. My father, Hungarian-born, gave me my first Tarot deck at the age of eight. My mother, with both Irish and Scottish heritage, spent time reading cards for fun. She read a regular deck of playing cards with amazing accuracy and insight. She and her mother taught me to trust my intuition and maintain a deep faith, while my Romanian Rom grandmother gave me strong examples of how to get through anything life throws at us.

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Note - We are ALL natural born psychics! Psychic ability is a human trait. The occasional person will lack any hint of psychic connection, but in general, humans have extrasensory ability. The claim of being a "natural psychic" is like claiming to have a nose on your face.

Psychic Janet Thompson
Shuvani Wisdom and Celtic Magic

For the best in colour readings - see GothicGypsy

* I do NOT give out medical advice. This includes pregnancy-related questions. Nor do I give legal advice.
* * Be cautious of those who claim to remove curses for money. This is a scam.
* * * NO human being can read your mind. And NO human being can tell you how many lifetimes you've lived.

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