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My Spirit Guide (my mother)
Your spirit guides / passed loved ones or friends,
Angel messages / Divine messages from God
Clairempathy (empathic)
Clairsentience (clear sensation or feelings)
Clairscent (clear smelling)
Clairtangency (psychometry)
Meditative Visions
Faith (I am an exorter / encourager)
Miracles (enabled by God to achieve supernatural events or healings)
Gifts of Charismatic Healing (physical / emotional / spiritual)
Word of Knowledge (to learn of God through gathering & analyzing data)
Words of Wisdom (the application of knowledge into daily life)
Discerning of Spirits (good / evil)
Prophecy (the ability to speak a message from God)
Tarot Carts (Cartomancy)
Pendulum Divination (Spirit Connection)
Dream Interpretation
Energy Reader (positive / negative)
Reiki energy healing (Sending energy to your Mind / Body / Spirit)
Chakra balancing (Meditation with you to reenergize Chakra’s)

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I am an Empathic Telepath....Irish & American Indian decent.....I realized my abilities around age 5 to 7....this is when I predicted who was in the picture locket that my mother wore...I started karate at this time and learned the skill of meditation...My father was a teacher and felt something was advanced about my he had me take a test for my IQ at this IQ was 160 the same as Einstein's...Even though I was a spiritual person at an early age...I did not grow up in a spiritual family...they were religious without understanding spiritual predictions and gifts were assumed to just merely be intellectual skills....
I am guided spiritually to either places, people, or information....I sense feelings empathically....such as positive energy, negative energy, fear, deception, desire, anger, hate, trouble, anxiety, love.....I pick up information from visual imagery (Tarot Cards)....I channel spirits where I contact past loved ones or friends...I have visions while meditating....I have prophetic dreams....I have astral traveled to the Akashic Records...I see images while holding personal objects of others (Psychometry)....I can "pick up" on thoughts transferred and also "push" thoughts may find that I often will say things you have told someone or are thinking yourself... >> I cannot however read your mind >>



(Kimeu2012 wanted to know if she should volunteer at a recent flood disaster in her country)

One of the best and well-meaning psychic. Ladymirabella had given me advice for my best interest at heart. Given advice for me not to volunteer at flood-hit Queensland. And the next day it was on the news that the area unfolded heated scenes and the premier was confronted by the locals and told to leave. TRUE enough not a good time to offer help.

╰☆╮kimeu2012, Brisbane ╰☆╮

I am so glad I came back to my friend...Ladymirabella told me something I did not want to accept, but it was all true, my love confessed to me, now I have great promising news, and know that she is always honest whether or not it is what you want to hear. Thank You ladymirabella always an angel!

╰☆╮ frustrated67, san antonio╰☆╮

Ladymirabella was great. Knew what is going on with me and gave me positive outcome. Worth more than 5 stars. I will be back.

╰☆╮mira7159, Texas╰☆╮

LADYMIRABELLA has totally been spot on wth good things for me tht has previously said wlould happen for me in the future and they have!!!!!She's like an ANGEL whos Only does good n hlps guide u to good thngs to happen if willing n will make sure she gives good energys to do it and thy do!!!100% spot on wth thngs she says n cldnt of possibly known;)N does!!!N predicts thngs totaly b4 thy happen n thy had 4me!!!I LOVE HER I TRY N VISIT HER $to5 times a wk whn I can cuz I love to c her n thnk her n have more private readings wth her Top 3 on this site:)THNKS I LOVE YA LADY M;'') Thnks again becuz of u my lifes n dreams have bin becoming COMPLETE!!!

╰☆╮torresk1978, sioux city, Ia╰☆╮

Seemed very concise and on point, did not sugar coat issues or problems. I was a tad skeptical but not anymore. Thanks so much!

╰☆╮ElenaMarie, Burlington╰☆╮

She connected to my wife that passed like no other...Definitely will come back for another reading...Thank you bella...You are such a beautiful soul!

╰☆╮lisapatrick, billings╰☆╮

I find LadyM to be supportive no matter the outcome of the reading or the question or issue you ask about. She's very warm, caring, and easy to talk to. I appreciate each reading and her wisdom.

╰☆╮michelelyn, pacifica╰☆╮

She's just too good for words! Thanks Mira a million times over!

╰☆╮getmeright, The Earth╰☆╮

WOW WOW WOW Mirabella is totally awesome!!

╰☆╮marionlyttle, ''''''╰☆╮

I have never felt as strong an emotion than I did talking to this lovely lady. She is very kind, emphatic, and helpful. Worth every dime and I will definitely be back! THANK YOU!!!

╰☆╮ whitrbee, APO ╰☆╮


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