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The talent of Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions of others. It is a gift that is palpable and allows me to attune to what others have, are and will feel. As a clairvoyant and clairaudient medium coupled with my ability to feel I have, over the years, honed my abilities into a more 'Full-Sensory' perception.

A reading with me is very much like sitting with Spirit. While I am a messenger bringing through information that is both relevant and relative to your path it is also my approach of compassion and kindness that promotes healing. Since I was a child I have always known that healing was what I was on earth to provide.

Starting my journey as a young girl in Scotland I felt as though I was different than other children my age. I was able to feel others emotions and I always felt that I was not alone. Growing up I began to have a thirst for something higher in my life. I began to take courses in Spiritual Healing and later joined a Psychic Development Group. At the age of 30 I started to read professionally. I had lost my father around that time and I knew that the pain that I was feeling was something that many people experience and because I knew I had a gift - I knew I had to help.

I do many types of healing and various types of readings although the undercurrent of energy that I choose to align with is always that which supports the highest good of my clients. Each reading is different because every life is different. I believe that to be supportive for someone in this sense is to not only bring through messages about the past present and future but also to help the person find what will, in time, become most important in their lives - themselves.

In a reading no subject is taboo and I make no judgements, I simply aim to help and guide. Examples of readings I have given and can provide are as follows:-

♥♥~~ Medium reading - connecting you with Spirit & past loved ones.
♥♥~~ Energy Reading - connecting to you and those around you without tools.
♥♥~~ Energy Work/Healing - offering a full body and aura cleanse, aligning chakras and removing negativity as well as easing pain and lifting depression - Highly recommended and takes about 10-15 minutes!
♥♥~~ Reiki Healing - Offering distance or remote healing using the powerful but gentle universal life energy
♥♥~~ Tarot Card reading
♥♥~~ Oracle Card reading
♥♥~~ Crystal Reading
♥♥~~ Rune Reading
♥♥~~ Colour Reading
♥♥~~ Aura Reading
♥♥~~ Spiritual Guidance - talking to your guides and mentors from the other side
♥♥~~ Tea Leaf Reading – by arrangement
♥♥~~ Guided Meditations – including meeting your guides, cleansing, emotion releasing, meet your guardian
♥♥~~ Crystal Therapy – the power of crystals to assist in our paths is an ancient practise, I can guide you towards the right crystal for specific assistance

For a successful consultation you simply need to relax and be open to what I bring you, do not rush or worry for I will not tell you horror stories, nor will I promise you tales of fortune .. just simply bring to you what you need to know now and for your journey ahead.

I do not run a schedule so to speak but you can generally catch me on the 1st and 3rd week of the month around the times of 11am to 9pm UK time. Occasionally I work through evenings also. If you want to schedule please leave me a note on my community page.

*** Please note that readings or questions pertaining to personal issues will not be answered in freechat. The freechat area is for you to get to know me and how I work and understand how I can help you in a reading ***

♥♥ I do not use tools unless upon request as I am empathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and an intuitive reader. I am also an energy worker and reiki healer as well as an evidentiary medium.

I often run discounts on my rate but these are generally run for about 1 hour per day, my usual rates run between 3.99 -5.99 credits per min, sales run at around 1.49-2.99 credits per min, please refer to my community page to be advised of when these are running ♥♥

♥♥ Be assured that nothing is set in stone. We are masters of our own destiny and we each retain freewill in making our future choices. ♥♥

I specialise in all areas including :~


~~ Please be under no illusion .. I will offer you the truth, I am honest to the core even if that means that I can’t help you, this being the case I will let you know and not waste your time.~~

I look forward to seeing you soon

Love & Light, Maggie

Recent reviews ....

Scotland | 2014-03-12 18:15:54

I am so glad that I had a reading with WiseOwlie11. She didn't use any tools and connected very quickly with me and could actually identify the problems I've been having - it was amazing! I will definitely be returning for a reading in the future and would highly recommend her. She was so kind in her mannerisms and made me feel at ease after a very long day of worrying. Thank you so much WiseOwlie11!

ny | 2014-03-07 00:16:24

She's wonderful. Really really great empathic reader. She tunes in very quickly and provides detailed insight. Always accurate and consistent. Thank you!

Seattle | 2014-03-04 02:57:33

* * 5 Stars * * A true psychic, nothing but her own psychic ability to read me and my soul mate. I got my answers with tremendous clarity. I know what I must do now. Before the reading from WiseOwl

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