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I’m back (‘’,)

Some of you may know me as I was a Reader on the wonderful Oranum back in 2012! I then moved country, studied with some Amazing Spiritual Teachers and am once again ready to deliver Divine Guidance in ways that make sense to you! I am so excited to be back on Oranum and to speak to Past and Future Clients!

Love and Light to You and Yours


Hi, My name is Michael.

I've been speaking to the Angels and feeling their presence for years and really started studying with them when I was 22.

For the past 5 years I've been doing Angel Readings on people to give them Clarity, Guidance and Hope directly from their own Angels and the Angels that come into their lives for specific reason.

I found that once the Angels gave me a while to come to terms with my new path in life they immediatley began to work on my skills as an Angel Reader and Guide.

Since I began focusing on my work with the Angels they've guided me one step at a time into tuning into other people and their Angels to assist them find their lifes purpose or how to get through a special (good or not so good) time in their lives. Recently they’ve guided me towards the Healing Powers of Crystals and Reiki. This is also a method of Guidance and Healing which can be effectively done on a portal such as Oranum. Please see the ‘Specials Board’ for Reiki and Crystal Sessions!

I am passionate about what I do and how I do it. I believe in the bigger picture of getting people aquainted with their own Angels so that they may receive their own guidance directly.

Seeing, Hearing and Feeling Angels is not any one person's talent - they are talents that are within us all - However, We do need certain skills to be able to do this. We are all capable of learning these skills but need Divine Guidance. First and Formost We have to open our Hearts and Minds to this Divine Gift and use it to the best of our ability.

I also believe that the Angels I See and Hear are not specific to anyone religion - they are the messengers of a Divine Power - Personally, I like to call him/her God, so to me, he/she is God. But to you, he/she may be Buddha or Jehova or Allah or he/she may go by any name you are comfortable with.

I'm not here to debate which religion is right - I believe that there is one Divine and he sends his/her Angels to us to Help and Guide us through this Wonderful life. How other people perceive him/her is completely up to them and who is to say who is right and who is not? Certainly not me (",)

I See and Feel messages from the Angels in a logical away and am able to express these messages to you in a way that you will understand. The Angels help me to do this.
They give me words and phrases that will get their message across to you - through me.

I am particularly sensitive to the area of Life Coaching and seeing what is needed to make the change in your life for the greater good of you. I can also answer questions to which the answer relates to someone else - if someone else is in your thoughts that you would like to speak to the Angels about I can also do that for you, through them.

The Angels help me to see your Answers and convey them Clearly in my readings.

I enjoy speaking with people and you will find that I am easy to speak to, understand and connect with. If you have any questions in relation to Angels or how a Private Reading with me will work out - please do not hesitate to ask me in Free Chat (",)

Free Chat Guidelines:

Be respectful to other people (",)
Be Honest (",)
Be Open (",)
Have Fun (",)

If you need specific answers (Including Yes/No answers) I cannot do this in Free Chat.

***Outlook on the year ahead***

In harmony with the Angels I have started providing readings looking at the year ahead - Month by Month. This is done via the Angel Cards. Each card represents a month in the year and together with that card and the guidance I receive from the Angels (Both mine and yours) we can foresee key points in the year ahead of you (",)

***Email Readings***

Email readings are a great way to get a really detailed and well explained reading for a great price! I really support this feature on Oranum as I think it's very good value! The email reading can cover any question you may have on
- Love
- Work
- Family
- Health (Not in place of a qualified Doctor)
- Life's Purpose
- Relationship Issues (Lover, Friend etc)
- Anything else you can think of (",)

I will use the information provided by you to connect and receive messages from your Angels and pull cards from the Angel Decks.
If you would like a Tarot Reading by email I can provide this also!

Feedback and Ratings and liking on Facebook and Twitter is a HUGE compliment to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance (",)

I hope to hear from you soon.

Love and Light

Some early reviews:

"He was totally connected with me! It was awesome! I mean he was right about everything!"

"Speak to the angels, was great and connected to me and my situation very well.. I'll be back for more..."

"Had a lovely reading, SpeaktotheAngels is definitely connected to the angels. I called upon a particular angel hours before my reading, and during my reading he mentioned the same angel. Amazing or what!?"

"He was amazing , instead of giving me quick answers he gave me steps to take in order to resolve the problems i have been having. he was on point with how my personality is and the way I think I loved it an will def be back for a follow up"

"Oh my goodness what a wonderful reader and such a spectacular person. I absolutely loved his reading and appreciated all the insight he shared with me."

"He's your friend and confidant. And he shares the same name as the Archangel... He's helped me line up my thoughts better. Thank you Michael."

"Lovely reading. picked up/connected very well. very insightful, caring and funny man. Wonderful spirit. predictions seem legitimte/accurate. waiting to see them happen is all. Thanks a lot!"

"My reading was awesome. It was a reading that was very in depth totally different from other readings I have had on Oranum. I was very pleased. He was right on point. Every question was well thought out nothing was rushed wow. If you are curious about anything well ask Michael."

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