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Are you looking for answers? I can help you find them.

I have been helping people get the most out of relationships and life in general for nearly 20 years and have many happy customers all over the world.

My modalities are Numerology The Tarot and my Psychic Insight.

* Numerology... Is an ancient technique that uses your name and birth date which tells many things about you or whomever you maybe asking about. Your birthdate is the barcode to your soul I believe and from it I can work out the best times to do certain things and dates to avoid. A persons personality also shows in the birth date and first name

* Tarot...The Tarot is a great tool for timing and putting a reading into a clearer picture.

* I have had a gift of psychic insight from a young age and believe we all have it we just need to learn how to use it, or tune into it. I will tell you what i am picking up.

* FREE CHAT....In free chat I will talk to you about various topics...I will even pop in my opinion and some advice however I do not read for you in free chat unless you have been chosen for a DEMO.

I am a trained numerologist and tarot reader and have had the gift of psychic insight from birth.

* RELATIONSHIPS I have learned by experience how to and not to do things in regards to relationship...I know what works after being able to reunite relationships that have been separated for months and months. Often we go about love in the wrong way...Dont be one of these...Let me help

Disclaimer: I do not read on health or legal issues as I am not a doctor or lawyer and if anything shows about these situations it will be my view that I will be giving you. I will not be held accountable for your actions or how you interpret my reading or use that information. You have choices and decisions that are strictly your responsibility

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