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Hi my name is Jocelyn. TO find out about me I suggest you read the following...

I have been reading for people from many walks of life for over two decades. I have found in this time that the most accurate readings do not come from medium ship...tarot runes or other modalities such as these but Numerology and Astrology which have been around since time become. Our birth-date which I consider being the barcode to our soul and our names tell us more about ourselves than any past loved one or tool like the tarot can tell us because within these numbers our whole blueprint of life is mapped out.
I love helping people with all types of problems and have had great success in getting people on track with their careers and in their relationships.

In free chat I do not read for you however I do give advice and chat about all types of topics. i love talking about reincarnation...our past to cops with karma...I teach you how to balance your energies with things like EFT Tapping which is a technique that balances your meridian points (It works like a combination of acupressure and hypnotherapy) is simple and very very effective.
Why not come in for a chat...Please don't ask me how someone is feeling about you...or when will someone call that is just a waste of a reading...Why not find out why these things are not happening for you and then work through making your dreams be realized .

Disclaimer...I am not responsible for your happiness or making your life happen for you. Your life is your responsibility. I will read about your health however i am not a doctor and if you have issues that need medical attention there is nothing I can do for you...I can help with pain and anxiety. I am also not a lawyer, legal matters need to have a lawyers attention not mine I will however discuss with you in regards to how to cops with any stressful situation that may be happening for you because of legal matters. Make sure you are always speaking your truth and practicing what you preach that is the first step to living a wholesome life

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