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★Master Clairvoyant Psychic Oracle★ 20 + Years of VERIFIED ACCURATE PREDICTIONS


☛Sorcha Starr: Sorcha -- a name meaning "light" or "torch" within Gaelic Origins. Starr -- a name given to her at birth by her father. Together, these names mean "starlight torch" or "star light."
★♡Astrological Sign: ♐Sagittarius♐
☆♥Favorite Colors: Grey, Blue, Red, Green
★♡Favorite Quote: "Watch, stand fast in the faith. Be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor.
☆♥Married to: Mark Crysto, Expert Numerologist (They appear together on Oranum as the NumericaLightDuo)
★♡Experience: Over 20 years uncovering truths.
☆♥Time with Oranum: Since September 2011


☆★☆Master Clairvoyant Oracle
☆★☆Precognizant (seeing the future)
★☆★Procognizant (seeing the past
☆★☆Clairaudient (ability to hear voices of the dead)
★☆★Clairsentient (clear seeing or clear feeling)
☆★☆Astral Healer
★☆★Feng Shui Expert
☆★☆Expert Tarot Reader
★☆★Touch-Know Abilities
☆★☆Experience with Astral Projections and Astral Injections
★☆★Expert Dream Interpreter
☆★☆Expert with Psychic Clairvoyant Dreaming
★☆★Paranormal Investigator
☆★☆Psychic Investigator
★☆★Published Author
☆★☆Experienced Conference Speaker
★☆★Expert Spiritual Guide and Life Coach -spiritual reader/advisor to many stars and families of political leaders
☆★☆Expert with Natural Healing & Crystal Healing
★☆★Aura Reader

✡Specialties✡: Love, Romance, and Money Predictions with Timelines

✍Note from Sorcha Starr✍

"I am on a mission today. My mission is to heal lives, solve problems, uncover truths and help others move forward in their lives. Are you on a mission today? Are you looking for me as I am looking for you? If you can be honest, can be open, can feel that you need a real, truthful reading, visit me in private chat. Lets get to work -- we have your life to change." Sorcha Starr, Master Clairvoyant Psychic Oracle


☀☄As a natural born psychic, I also am a certified Psychic Investigator/Detective. Within the criminology realm, I read areas, objects and energies as well as interpreting my clairvoyant psychic dreams to help solve crimes and missing persons cases.

♡♣As an Expert Tarot Reader, I sometimes use the Tarot cards to help guide my clairvoyance when it comes to timeline predictions, other energy sources that I feel within your energy sphere and other situations that may be clogging your progress. I have studied the Major and Minor Arcana and can help you understand in layman's terms what the cards are predicting for you. Although I don't use these tools in every reading, I do consult them at times and offer them to you as one of my services.

♢♠My own Tarot Spread - the Sorcha Starr Torch is a 15 card spread to be announced publicly next year in one of my upcoming books. Oranum members get to experience the Torch first by ordering a "horoscope reading" for a flat fee of $24.99! I cannot openly state what the torch reveals here, but for clients that purchase that service, it offers insights no other Torch spread has offered to date! Experience it for yourself!

☁☄As a lucid and clairvoyant psychic dreamer, I offer my services to my clients to help them achieve lucid dreaming states in order to receive guidance from their sub-conscious minds. I am currently writing a dream journal and offer insights into dream interpretation and dreaming that you cannot find anywhere else on Oranum.

☀☆As a light energy worker with day vision and night vision, I offer astral projection services and astral injection services. I also offer healing medicinal natural blends, candle magic information, charms and other revealing methods to help you achieve what is needed in your life. As everyone's situation is different, these services are personal for each and every client -- offering you the most personalized and diligent service you can receive without having to travel to the Napa Valley to visit me yourself.

☪♡As a medium, I connect with those that have passed on, passing back and forth messages through the realms to allow you to be able to contact a loved one. Do not be surprised if a connection happens in the free chat area that you did not expect. Connecting with me often triggers a medium-ship connection in the public forum. If a connection begins with you, please initiate a private chat to continue the flow of the sacred reading with a loved one.

☉☾Timeline predictions. We all want them. I have a 97% accuracy rate on my timeline predictions. My specialty with timelines is love, money, and career choices, as well as moves and marriages. How do I do this? I simply tap into your energy sphere and see what your life says to me. It's that simple.

♥☯Love compatibility information is one of my specialties. I tap into the energy spheres of you and someone you are asking about to see what I feel in my clairvoyance is coming for the two of you. I am able to see if someone is cheating, if someone is connecting with you, if someone is dreaming about you, and if there is an upcoming bond/promise/marriage with another. Have a pencil and a calendar ready to write down predictions, timelines and other important information I see about your life!


I welcome all questions. I love getting to know each member on Oranum. I am non-judgmental and I am diligent, confidential, and professional. I offer my psychic clairvoyant gifts in order to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel to achieve balance and harmony. Although many questions cannot be answered in the open room, it does help me to connect with you more and it helps me to see what is needed in your realm.

✞What I Believe✞

As a Christian and a published author, I have published many articles dealing with spiritual warfare and with toxic people and places. I believe that Heaven is a real place, true love is eternal and our energies never die. We are just passing through this world. As a strong oracle and medium, I offer my gifts to help others connect with loved ones that have previously passed on. Even though I offer charms, enchantments and also crystal energy work, I believe these gifts come from God. Enchantments are not to be confused with spells.

☽My Questions for You☾

✎♡Want to know how to draw more love into your life?

♢☇Need more money in your energy sphere?

☠☣Do you need to learn how to walk away from toxic people or places?

☮✌Do you need to discover what your path is in life?

☥♨Do you need healing, progress, enlightenment or blessings?

Enjoy abundance and joy as you learn how to manifest your desires in a positive way through your reading with me, ★Master Clairvoyant Psychic Oracle Sorcha Starr★.

✔What I Require✔

☎Like Neo in the "Matrix," choose the red pill. As your Oracle, I require nothing, but for you to meet this open doorway with an open mind.

☀I am at your service today! Allow me to be YOUR SECRET TORCH INTO THE UNKNOWN☀

Visit me as I also offer readings in a duo setting with my husband, Mark Crysto, a skilled numerologist, on Oranum. Do visit us or request an email reading with the NumericaLightDuo today!

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