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I am a 2nd generation psychic reader . I am clairvoyant , a spell caster, and emphatic . I am very much fortunate to be able to help others with my abilities and I will never take it for granted. I love reaching out to the many members who come into my room with every log in. I feel for everyone involved in my readings. I have two spirit guides who work with me during each reading. I love being there to help people understand there true purpose and give them more clarity on each and every situation they may have. I specialize in love , online love , sexual encounters , broken relationships , career choices , financial questions , and relocation . I am one of the many few who actually care about the clients Oranum brings here to us. I truly care about all of my clients and future clients I wouldn't be me If it wasn't for you ! So with that being said please do not hesitate to come on in my free chat area and get to know me and If you feel comfortable go ahead and pull me into a PRIVATE chat where we are one on one working through any situation you are questioning. Nothing is too much for my ears AND I TELL IT LIKE IT IS ! I am a very honest reader and I do not tell you what you want to hear I TELL YOU WHAT I HEAR AND SEE FOR YOU ! I love what I do ! I also do spells if you would like me to work on a situation for you over a period of time nothing is too much for me so just ASK ! Get the right help that you deserve !

Once I start pulling your spread my guides interpret what i see on the spread ! My guides are deceased loved ones ! COME ON IN FOR A PRIVATE READING IM HERE AND READY TO SERVE YOU !

★ Need truly honest and blunt guidance? Contact me.

★ Does he/she love you? Does he think of you? Is his love deep? My reading will reveal his heart.

★ Are you happy in your career? Is it time to find a new job? .

I am here to make a difference, to listen and to guide. There are no wrong questions or avenues for hope. Whatever it is that you need, I will listen and offer my great insight into your future

Does he/she love me ?
Is he/she being faithful to me ?
will I get married ? when ?
should I stay at this job ?
will I get a raise ?
should I get a divorce ?
should I stay in this major ?
do you see my business going further ?
will my child's father come back around ?
should I just move on ?
do you see someone better coming along ?
do you see me moving ?
Will things get better at home for me and my family ?
Whats holding me back from a better future ?
why doesn't he love me anymore ?
what are some things i can do at home to cleanse myself ?
what can I do to bring money to myself ?
how to I get rid of negativity ?
should I trust this person ?


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