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***LICENSED FORTUNE TELLER, CERTIFIED LIFE COACH,SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATOR,FORTUNE TELLER. Let me explain. I started doing empathic work at the age of 9. It was just really natural for me to feel and understand things that were abnormal to most people. At the age of 13, I got my initiation into The Craft and made a life's pursuit out of it. Furthermore, once I became an adult, I figured that since this was my life...I should look further into helping people and seeing what I can do to add to do more. Now, I am an Ordained Minister for the last five years. I have also had formal training in The Craft, and am now a 3rd Stage High Priest of Witchcraft and Spiritualism. This has been going on for almost 20 years now, and I am happy to say that I am glad with my choice.I hope to be able to help other more now that I have some additional areas of expertise behind me.

+++Let me ask you.... Are you confused? Do you need help in your love life? Are you having challenges in life that you just don't have the answers to or do you just need to find out what the next step is that you need to take to make life better for you? I work in subject like Love, Life Questions, Relationship Advising, Career Help, Life Balance, Walking the Pathways of Life and So much more. I am awaiting to help you with me at your side! I do not SUGARCOAT, AM STRAIGHTFORWARD AND TO THE POINT! I would love it if you can come to my room and get to know me for what I do and who I am. Thank you in advance.PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU REALLY NEED HELP! THERE IS NOOOOO FREE INFORMATION TO BE GIVEN IN FREE CHAT. THAT IS FOR CHATTING AND NOT PROVIDING READINGS. CONNECTIONS are done by myself with each individual according to what I get from the Divine.

♨ ♨ ♨ If you are seeking Accurate, Professional, Honest and Helpful to those who need it most, I am the expert you are don't delay!.

♨ ♨ ♨ If you are one of the people that just want to hang out and try to get free cards pulled,free information from me or those who just want free demos and hang out to win one (I keep track of who comes in and out of the room every day I am on), you may be kicked out or banned from my room for the day permanently. Thank you for your understanding and your respect.

???What do I do for you???

-Tarot Readings (not by the book)
-Dream Interpretation
-Oracle Readings
-Spiritual Communications
-Dragon Tarot Readings
-Intuitive Readings/Spiritual Counseling
-Automatic Writing
-Chakra Activation and Balancing
-Life Coaching and much, much more!

-Life Purpose
-Honing in on what you are gifted with and how to work with it
-Coping with being gifted and helping you through tough times
-Dealing with stress and anxiety
-Activating your Innerself

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