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Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts ♥
- Paramahansa Yogananda

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When you enter, there will be conversations already going on. Listen and Relax. You may learn something new. I will get to you. I am fair and giving, but I am not a machine.
Please do not expect an instant answer to your question. I do not “pull cards,” nor do I give free readings in the free chat. This is a rule on Oranum.

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So, who IS Madame Rosa?

Please read my Bio below, and my reviews in the “Member Said About me” section. Here are some older reviews:

She's awesome so real and positive free good spirit that loves helping others. I recommend her to everyone. She tells you the truth about your relationships and lets you know what’s really going on in your life, brings light to every situation and is just so sweet and caring, loves her job and life - you won't be disappointed.
- arestina280, Northridge

Totally amazing reading extremely very thorough reading - never had any like it before and i have been around Oranum speaking to many other psychics. if u have d time stop by her and take d opportunity to have a very full gratifying reading of your future, wont b disappointed. I was not (5*****)
saskia82, Trinidad

She is absolutely incredible and tells you in a very detailed way everything about you on a personal level as well as your future. I am blown away by her amazingness! Go to her and stop wasting your time in free chat!!
lizbeth6865, usa

Definitely a 5 rating star in my books! Rosa provides accurate insight and provides a timeline to work with. Rosa genuinely cares about her craft, her abilities and the people she reads for. Her connection runs deep. Will be visiting her again for sure! Thank you so much Rosa. You are a blessing to this community and for the greater good.
pudleypaws, Perth, Western Australia

She was incredible! I cannot believe how much information I got so quickly! BANG ON ACCURATE, and positive and kind....I will be back. Soon!
winterflame, Seattle

This woman is beautiful inside and out, her spirit radiates and she is genuinely committed to helping you find peace and exactly what you are searching for. I found her by accident but I am so happy that I did because it was meant to be! Get a private reading from her, you will not regret it! Great experience!
ShelleyND, Austin, Texas

She is quite amazing. When she read for me it was actually things I have been seeing already happening to me for this year. She was very amazing to give me a full interpretation reading for the entire year. Shes truly amazing. Even if you have 19.99 credits come check her out. You will not regret. Shes great.
Handsome Italian, California

I Offer:
Healing, Prayer and Decrees
Destiny Readings
Relationship Compatibility
Your Life’s Purpose
Twin Flames
Soul Mates
Karmic Relationships
General Life Advice

REMEMBER: Birth dates of all parties' involved are required tools for a thorough reading. Please come prepared!
Trust me; I think you will be VERY impressed with all of my readings :)

~♥~ If I am not available, or if you want a compliment reading, as I am predominantly Astrology/Tarot based, I highly recommend my affiliate 5 star readers: WiseOwlie11, a gifted and amazing Psychic/Medium with delightful personality, GreyWolfGod, a highly accurate psychic, and Kinesthetic, a certified energy healer and intuitive. You will not be disappointed!


I was just an American kid, who had the makings of a great reader.

I am from Lebanese, Italian and German descent, though I was born here in the US. I grew up in Miami, and New York predominantly. I did travel the world a bit, and saw many places in Europe and Asia. I lived in several of them, mostly Italy and India.

When I was younger, my mother read the Tarot from her antique shop in Greenwich Village, NY, where we were surrounded by gypsies. I learned the card meanings, and was exposed to (and am quite comfortable with) people of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, and outlooks. You will not receive judgment from me. I see the eternal soul of each individual. And I have a great deal of love for one and all.

Always drawn to the esoteric sciences, I studied astrology and numerology extensively and even studied Chiromancy (Palmistry) in India, where I lived for 5 years as a young spirit traveler. While there, I supported myself reading the tarot and hand-painting clothing, which I then sold. Exposure to Eastern religions and life was not lost on me.

After having my daughter in India, I had profound spiritual experiences, which lead me to join a well-known church, with which I am still affiliated. Yet, I have an understanding of the perspectives of both the believer and non-believer, as I have lived in both mind frames and worlds. But because I have always been exposed to so many experiences and knowledge, I realize truth can never spout from one single earthly source or viewpoint.

In fact, over the past few years, my spiritual understanding has expanded greatly to include a greater consideration of the following: Angels, Aliens and Crop Circles, the true meaning of 2012, Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Karmic Relationships, and even Faeries. By faeries, I mean the smaller particles that our universe is made up of, and the microorganisms that we depend upon for our survival.

I have gained a profound understanding of the nature of the physical world as it relates to our spirits and our destinies. Therefore, I can assist greatly in the realm of relationships of all kinds. What are our souls here to learn? How do we learn these lessons best?
What are the specific card combinations between two individuals? I can explain this to you in great detail, and you will learn a lot. So bring a pen and your notebook to your private reading! You may want to record it for your convenience.
I want people to understand the nature of love, that we ourselves ARE love, and how we can manifest that vital truth more and more every day. Do you realize that your very heart is a generator? Don't forget to generate that love, cos it will fill you AND the world. You simply have to remember to turn it on! ☼ ♥
Why are we here?
What is our purpose?
How can we best grow and develop within the parameters of this world?
Over the past several years, I have been studying an ancient system of Tarot Astrology from Egypt.
The playing cards you have in your home are that very system of knowledge!
My personal cards are the 9 of Clubs and the 4 of Clubs.
Allow me to explain:
The 9s are all givers. 9s must give and have come to end certain chapters in our lives.The clubs suit rules the mental pursuits, making me the Universal Giver of Knowledge. You will see this is true about me.
I simply have to share what I know or I cannot realize my potential! I literally have to impart unto to others what I know! And I am a non-stop talker.

Thank God I have something valuable to say!!!

My second card, the 4 of Clubs, is the Card of Mental Satisfaction.
It brings a firm foundation (like a house) of research and study.
To be sure, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my readings.

My Sun and Chinese signs give me away as well: I am the Aquarian/Rabbit/Cat.
According to "The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes," by Theodora Lau, "The personality brought together by these two signs is able to project himself splendidly and promote understanding between other people by his psychic insight into their character. Both solar and lunar signs here pick up brain waves and vibrations of impending events and decode them expertly. The Aquarian Rabbit has reliable premonitions."

Again, I love assisting and healing others through knowledge, decrees, and prayer. Sometimes one only seeks validation about what one already senses and knows. You may only need further clarification and understanding to gain satisfaction. This is what I give you, and so much more!

You, too, are psychic. We all are.
Many ask how to discover or develop their gifts....
The answer lies in personal discovery. I advise prayer, meditation, and practice.
Study of systems of knowledge and other tools is helpful.

For over 30 years, I have enhanced my gifts with many years of research, study, and practice of many systems of esoteric knowledge. If you feel you have a gift and want to work here, come and speak with me. I will tell you how and show you the ropes!

I majored in Psychology and hold a degree in Secondary English Education and ESL. I have written curriculum for the education system and am starting a book.

Let Madame Rosa assist you!
Again, Welcome!
May You Be Blessed in Your Quest for Truth and Understanding!

.♥. (¯`♥´¯) .♥.•*¨`*☼.• ~ *♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*

With Much Love and Light,
Madame Rosa

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