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**$1.99 (reg. $3.99)**YOUR SOUTHERN SPIRIT WIRELESS CONNECTION** "Your WIFI connection to the OTHER side"



My name is Lynda. I thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my profile page. Welcome to my community room where it is free to come in and chat. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to get to know me as you consider your decision in having a private reading. Yes, a private reading is not always necessary. Sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement and a prayer to give you the strength to face what you are facing.

However, the community room is not the place to tell your whole story or discuss in details what you are going through. The main reason being is that with a private reading, there needs to be something to validate for you that I am making the connection with Spirit. If you have already shared with me dates, numbers, and other specifics about the situation or loved one then it is not validation for you for me to sit and repeat what you have already told me.

In my community room, I do not allow conversation to take place among the members. All of your greetings and chatting is to me. It is confusing enough to have several different conversations going on. Please use the community wall to share with other members. If your audio is not working, please refresh and clear the history. There is not anything I can do about it on my end, and it does not help texting the same thing over and over. Please understand this.

No private readings can be done in community chat. Please respect this. Do not push it or continually plead. You will be banned.

The demo is the "free reading" in free/community chat. These are on the hour and half hour, and can be located on the front page. Look for my demo and please understand that these are computer generated. I never know when my turn will be.

Again, welcome to my room. Thank you for stopping by.

Lynda, Spirit Medium


There are two types of readings with me. The medium readings are the readings that I connect with loved ones who have passed from this world into the next and/or with your spirit guides. The psychic readings are the readings that I hear and see from Spirit concerning different questions you may have about your life or spiritual path. Often it is a combination of both. PLEASE JOIN ME IN FREE CHAT TO UNDERSTAND MORE AND TO ASK GENERAL QUESTIONS BEFORE TAKING ME TO A PRIVATE READING. BEFORE TAKING ME TO A PRIVATE READING, GIVE ME HEADS UP IN THE CHAT ROOM SO I CAN BEGIN TO "SIT BACK" FROM THE CONVERSATIONS.
(Did I shout all of that out loud enough?)


If you are having unexplained activity and truly are seeking help, I will be glad to do this in a private reading. As a spirit medium, God allows me to see what is going on if it is truly of the spirit realm. For this type of reading, it is by appointment only and the rate will be $1.99 because of the length of time involved. Please join me in the Oranum Community and message me there if you are unable to catch me during a free chat since my hours vary.


These are for the living furbabies who are wanting to talk about their home life, how they feel, and show their love for you! Please have a pic of your furbaby on the community page and have them close by during the private reading.

Thank you.

Anyone can guess when they meet and listen to me, I was born and raised in the South. I am a true Georgia peach! Like my mother and grandmother before me, I have inherited a gift that allows me to see into the spirit world. In acknowledging that this gift comes from God, I have been given many opportunities to share my testimony and help those who need encouragement and spiritual guidance.

Working closely with spiritual and religious leaders in the community, I use my spiritual gifts in helping individuals and families. I also work with local ghost hunting groups as the spirit medium. This gives me the opportunity to use my gifts in helping families who are experiencing paranormal activity.

While hosting group readings, I share with the audience what I sense by giving validation of spirit loved ones and any messages that may be conveyed. My speaking engagements have included lecturing to different groups, being a guest on local radio stations, and being featured in magazines and books. I have been given the chance to do what I love about my gift by telling stories of the amazing experiences that I have witnessed.

I am a spirit medium who has been blessed with the spiritual gifts of knowledge and discernment that I use to give spiritual guidance. Being able to see and hear that which is of spirit, I have helped many to connect with spirit loved ones by giving evidential information. As a psychic, I have been blessed in having the opportunity to help others by giving spiritual insight and guidance in the different areas of one's life path. Recently, it has been discovered that I am also an animal communicator.

Thank you.



♥This was an awesome reading. She told me things I never said anything about to her. I need to come back for more readings She gave me excellent insight about my life. Awesome Lynda!

♥What a fantastic reading, and she was such a comfort to my situation---She was right-on.

♥Lynda is truly loving and gifted. Once she connected she was totally on point. I was blessed to hear my deceased lover and best friend wish me a happy birthday. Lynda gave excellent info about two people in my life. I am curious to see what happens.

♥I had to come back for a little it more. This woman is so wonderful, loving wise honest and truly caring and protective. Thank you so much Lynda!

♥Totally amazing and fantastic and spot on. My 2nd reading and she continues to amaze me as well as verify everything!!! You have to try her, she is gifted!

♥Lynda as always sweet and caring, and vary accurate as well, this was my 3rd reading with her. She doesn't stop to amaze me with her details and predictions. Hopefully soon I'll be able to foresee it. Many blessings To you Lynda...

♥I have had the most amazing read with Lynda! I started off with just 20 minutes and quickly put more credits in because I had to hear what my loved ones were going to say next. SHe contacted my grandfather and grandmothers and was able to tell me things thru them that she could have never known. She gave me names and dates and connected to my life with ease. I was literally brought to tears by the words of my loved ones and the fact that they are so very close to me and know everything that is going on in my world. I have to say that she is a truly amazing and gifted psychic and I will definitely go back to her for more guidance, affirmation and comfort. I more than recommend her, I insist that you give her a try because you will not be disappointed. She is a beautiful soul, and awesome talent and a gift from above. 1000 stars

♥Somehow in such a short amount of time she was able to accurately pick up on the past, and details of my relationship, I'm convinced she's the real deal!

♥O M G i speechless at how awesome Lynda is...she connected to my mum and was able to give me so much information...i will be back for more!!

♥AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! She helped me reach my relatives who have passed over. Beautiful spirit! Wonderful reader contact her if you wish to speak to those you love!

♥She is a great medium and very kind. She connected with my spirit guides and both my grandpas'. She is very sweet and loving.

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►Please be advised that NO psychic reading can predict, forecast, diagnose, or provide information with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY.

►No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given, and Lynda will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during the readings.

►For entertainment purposes only.



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