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As a natural-born healer and intuitive reader, I welcome you to Oranum !!

I have many important things to tell you if you feel you are not getting anywhere and things are just not right.

As our thoughts take precedence, we become more responsible for what we create for ourselves.

We have become trapped in the illusion of materialism. We can become selfless, and not selfish.....and when you realize how much better it is to be self-LESS, you will awaken your consciousness and help you free yourself from the confines of the physical world. There are more than three dimensions of life........and many feelings, spirits and sounds we cannot hear the three dimensional world, become apparent when you start to transform these thoughts and belief systems, thereby allowing healing to take place on ALL levels.......physical, mental, spiritually.....I can help you OPEN your extrasensory abilities and help you transcend this material world, enabling you to catch glimpses of what is beyond.

When I see the spirits and hear names, they can be useful during the readings. I don't ALWAYS get this, but I can tap into it if we are tuned in together during our private session.

I will help clarify your confusion and give you the healing tools quickly that you need to manifest your soul purpose easier and help you clear away obstacles that block your path for your next important decision.

As a Clairvoyant, Empath, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, I believe we are all here together on earth to learn challenging and amazing lessons, and sometimes we may glimpse a life from the past. We are all interconnected, and this powerful connection enables us to leave our own unique imprint upon the earth – while unveiling our true soul path and destiny.

Free Chat does not include FREE readings or answers to questions; that is reserved for you in my Private Consult where you will get all of my undivided attention without other scattered energies. You may observe a Demo Reading during which time I randomly pick someone in my Chat Room for one question. Sometimes a card may fall that describes the spirit of everyone in the room or just one person with reflective answers.

At times I do chakra toning and healing with colors, which has been greatly accepted and used in my chat room.

I can also give Email Readings which are $14.99 for one question that covers a half-page response in 48 hours time.

As a SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR I am seriously devoted to this work and will give you honest answers that will serve as treasures that you will refer to time after time to guide you along your journey.

Again, welcome to this wonderful site with so many great light workers and readers! Come share the joy and interest in my chat room and look for free demos and great offers Oranum gives from time to time. See you SOON!!

Areas of Expertise:

Love and Relationship
Past Life Readings
Intuition with Nutrition
Chakra Healing
Career and Finances
Understanding Dreams
Animal Energy Healing

I reside in Northern New England, where the moon is full, the air fresh, and the seagulls call you to feed your soul. I was born under the sign of Virgo with Aires rising and Libra moon. My planets reside half below and half above the horizon, which give me amazing balance with both the inner and outer world, allowing me to participate on both sides of reality. The universal placement of Pisces Earth in the 12th house gives me the ability to energetically merge with others; which is also my Part of Fortune in reflecting my own experiences also through the eyes of others.

I have and am still manifesting my soul dreams into reality, and will help you do the same!

I look forward to connecting with you!

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