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Namaste to you. I am an intuitive and empathic Cancer who trusts the universe spiritually and what it has to say to me. Sometimes it is full of advice and sometimes it sits quietly letting me make my own way. Astrology and tarot are not just a hobby for me, it is the path that I set before myself in order to make the most out of my time on this plane.

***Please note. I DO NOT give free readings in chat (other than demos). There must be an equal energy exchange between the reader and the client to render the reading accurate. Free chat negates such equal exchanges. I will, on occassion, offer a general card read for the room IN GENERAL, however this is read to the room on the whole and may or may not apply to you and your situation.

My spirit animals guide me:
*On my left, also known as the earth or female side, I am guided and protected by Owl who helps me control and use my psychic abilities, owl allows me to see into the darkness and to the other side and is a messenger from those who have passed on.
*On my right side, also known as the sky or masculine side, I am guided and protected by black panther who helps me embrace the unknown and see through the darkness, black panther gives me the strength I need to maneuver through life's difficulties.
*I am also occasionally tracked and followed by alligator who helps me at my darkest times reminding me to honor and be thankful for the life I have.

My sun sign, moon sign and ascendant are rooted firmly and deeply in Cancer. The moon is my guiding light.

I am skilled in the following areas:

*Western Astrology, including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts, natal charts, love matches between the signs and career strengths for each sign.
*The Goddess Oracle
*Afterlife connections. (when THEY wish to contact me - I am not a Medium nor do I channel)
*Psychic insight
*Empathic abilities
*Pendulum divination
*Clairvoyance (ability to see)
*Claircognizance (clear knowing)
*Clairalience/clairescence (smells)
*Automatic Writing (used with most readings)
*Animal Medicine cards (Native American)
*Animal Spirit Guides.
*Crystal Healing
*Chakra Healing

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┊  ★

My grandmother knew when I was very young that I was different. I knew it too, but it took her to help nurture and develop my gifts. Later, I developed my tarot abilities and fell in love with astrology.

I use my naturally empathic nature, psychic intuition, astrology and my spirit animals to let me see into your life and your heart. I judge no one and yearn to help everyone.
I insist that my room be open, inviting and loving. I will not tolerate negativity around me or anyone who seeks out my assistance and advice. Please respect this while you are in my room.

My Areas of Specialty:
~~~~~GLBT Matters of the heart
~~~~~Relocation advice
~~~~~Love unrequited


#Helpful advice and answers
#110% of my time and attention
#A trusted friend....
# Above all else I give you honesty. Sometimes this leads to difficult discoveries. Sometimes these discoveries are not what you might be prepared to hear. I can only relate to you what I see both in the cards, and in my clairvoyance.

@~~~I provide natal charts, 6-month and 1-year predictions based on horoscope. I ONLY provide these through e-mail. These are complicated charts that require some specific calculations that are not conducive to the fast-paced private chat.

****Compatability charts based on Sun OR moon sign (your choice) I can also tell you what sign is most compatable with you, what type of person, personality and astrological sign you should look for to make you the happiest and most fulfilled.
****Ever wondered what career you would be best suited for?? I can help guide you to your perfect career!

!!!! For the above horoscopes I will need full date of birth (yes including the year), place of birth and, for complete accuracy, I need time of birth. Thank you!!! (if two people are involved I NEED all information for both people)

I ask you to enter my room with an open heart, uncluttered mind and focus on the issue you have at hand and please above all, have fun and enjoy this time that we spend together :)

Disclaimer: Although I carry the reputation of an expert, I do not guarantee any reading I make here. There are too many factors that play into accuracy - many of them I have no control over. If you are less-than honest with me, the reading will reflect that. You get just as much (or as little) as you give into a reading.

Thank you - blessings, peace, love and namaste

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