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**********************PROFESSIONAL TAROT CARD READINGS**********************
You may expect from me a fast and accurate reading. Review my Feedback!
I am a professional tarot reader with a great experience in this field. I have worked with the cards for more than 15 years. In my work I use different decks of cards such as:

- Astro-Mythological cards of Marie Lenormand - A very interesting deck of cards which will surprise you on how accurate they are with their outcomes and how many aspects they reflect.

- Manara cards - An erotic tarot deck, created by Italian artist Milo Manara - a great tool that helps us to understand the psychological intricacies of the human soul and to understand the problems that arise in a relationship. The main advantage of this deck is to help in providing a psychological and psychotherapeutic work. These cards can not be treated with the rigid framework of rules and dogma. They love the relaxed atmosphere of creativity. These can help to see your situation in relationships because they open all the sides of it. These cards are very special and they add a lot of important information to the traditional tarot card.

- Gypsy Oracle cards - With these I usually make general readings and when you have no specific questions it is better to consult with them.

- Angel cards can help you to find your soulmate or to understand if the person whom you love is that very special one whom you need , or if you are not in relations yet they can help to invite you with your twin hearts.They can be helpful in different situations when you need a guided to show a right pathway in your life.

Oracle of shadows and lights is like no other : it is for the lost and the lonely , the broken hearted and the misfits. This is your guide to finding your way, changing your world, mending a broken heart.The magical beings which this deck represents are shy and sweet, yet enduring and wild .They are energetic with dirty faces and ghosts with important missions. They will never let you play the victim instead, they will show you a brighter way to live. They will ask you to look at what you may have been afraid of, and you will discover that you too have been frightened of beings and people and parts of yourself yhat in truth are beautiful in own wild ways. The beings of shadows and light are here to show you the hidden-away aspects of your own soul , to invite you to rediscover childhood dreams and memories, to ask you to speak the truth and to be yourself, without fear of any consequence other than greater freedom and joy.They will encourage you to acknowledge when you are sad. This deck is a portal to another world. This deck is the deck for when you need to tune in to right-here-and-right-now, to the beauty and strangeness of your own life, with its own unique wisdom.
I can do for you any spread from any deck of cards.
I will do for you a specific spread to help you in each particular situation:
Deal "In search of love"
This deal will allow you to look at the identity of the person who is fated to bring love in your life: what qualities it or it will possess, in what area the professional interests, what impression this person will be concentrated him / her will make on you at the first yours with
them to a meeting and many other things

Deal on the Partner relations.

People address to cards in different occasions. But, perhaps, the most popular there is fortune-telling "on love". How two belong to each other, whether the strong union is possible between them, whether will bring the relations pleasure or will turn back tears? . Often to estimate prospects, it is quite enough to understand that, characters of lovers are how compatible.

Deal "A problem in the relations"

It will be useful to spread out this deal when you see that in the relations with your second half complications started arising. He will allow you to understand better your role in relationship and as to see difference between your idea of the union and a real state of affairs

Deal "Prophecy of Aphrodite"

In life sometimes it happens so that having got acquainted with someone, we notice that it causes in us strong warm feelings. But thus there is something which is giving rise to doubts: whether that is the person who suits us?

* Your business (compatibility of partners, prognoses on profits, relations between partners)
* To analyze the relations with your partner to see what he or she thinks and feel about each other, and to see their plans concerning their future.
* I can predict how their relations can be developed, and if there is the problem, I can watch the reasons and how to prevent any negative situations.
* Or if you do not have a partner, we can watch if there will be someone appearing in your life soon.
* If the person needs a choice I can watch the development of each alternative for him or her to choose the best one. Because sometimes it happens that the person does not know what to do in their situation, and the cards can reveal all.

So in any situation I try to help and give you good advice.

**********************TESTIMONIALS FROM RECENT CLIENTS**********************
Phoenix | 2013-09-25 19:31:28
So very sweet!!! Thank you Lagira!! Always so great to speak with. :) Thank you, you're so beautiful inside and out!!

london england | 2013-09-19 21:00:41
john sturn
Really good advice.

sthlm | 2013-09-16 21:00:14
Only the truth, no sugar coating.

London | 2013-09-11 00:44:46
Great as always ))))))))))))))Aalways coming back) muahhhhhhhhh

uk | 2013-09-08 00:06:28
Very skillful reader...

San Diego, CA | 2013-09-06 21:40:14
Excellent reading as always. Lagira reallly knows the cards, she is a classic card reader, very very insightful. She can really pinpoint what is happening from the card, the deck, the placement, the position. It is reallly amazing! 5 stars as always!

Birmingham | 2013-08-26 00:50:52
Excellent reading!

STANHOPE | 2013-08-24 18:14:00

philadelphia | 2013-08-11 15:23:33
5 stars ... very good reading!

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