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Kindly go through my reviews as they will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

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The Lord Krishna has blessed each one of us with special gifts. I use mine for the benefit of others , in order to spread the word of joy,hope and love. My readings are blunt and truthful, I do not believe in sugar coating the truth and believe each one of us should have her/his answers in its purest form. I am also clairaudient and clairsentient. With the help of my guides and the positive energy of the universe , I focus on your issue and shed some much needed light into your situation.

I discovered my psychic abilities as a child, when I was able to see and communicate with those who are not among the living . The ability to draw the veil from the future has been there in my family therefore I can say it is in my genes to help people, guide them through the road of life and make life not a rough road but a smooth one. When you come to me, please do so freely as I am here to assist you in whatever small way I can .

I've been asked time and again about how I go about giving a reading, thought of clearing it right here:-

I use a specialized and more focused form of reading which I've created and mastered over the years. I call them' Soul Readings.

Ӂ All my readings are spirit led . My guides speak and I merely convey the messages to you.

Ӂ I use your d.o.b ( date of birth) to establish a strong connection with you. Names and numbers have powerful significance in the universe, they have unique vibrations.

Ӂ I am also known for my speed and accuracy in connections.
















A few points to keep in mind when you enter my free chat

1. Free Chat does NOT mean FREE READINGS.

2. Politeness appreciated .

3. NO BAD LANGUAGE . I also do not answer questions about the sex of an unborn child, daughter or son both are a blessing , the way I view it.

4. Free chat is a medium to see if you are comfortable with a reader. Trust your instincts and go with the flow.


My advice to you before a reading with any psychic :-

1. Psychics are here to help you , clear your confusions. Do not disrespect them by asking frivolous and inane questions .

2. When you do come for a reading , do so if you feel good about it. Your instincts never lie.

3. During private chat do take a moment to clear your head of all other troubles except the one you want to focus one and take a few deep breaths to relax yourself.


You can be the MASTER of your life ,when you know how to deal with your problems /issues and are prepared better.

A private reading with me will give you the direction to take and also lots of advice of how to get things moving for you!

Horoscope and numerological readings as well as advice on 'NAME CHANGING' are done in 'E-MAIL READINGS' as it will allow me to be more comprehensive in my reading .


Lastly HAVE FAITH because when you have that , you will see THINGS FALLING INTO PLACE .



Krishnablessings is very truthful and her advice, if followed correctly, does work. I would recommend anyone who is really troubled to seek her blessings and advice.


Yes OMG she is amazing and very accurate with her reading. She gave me more than what i was hoping for. Will be back for more. %100 Yaaaaaaay

You are a person, who makes life easier and better for everyone around you. Your continual acts of thoughtfulness and kindness brighten each day. What you did for me will glow in my memory, reviving pleasant feelings every time I think about it. I appreciate you,and I thank you. krishna :) Thank you...for thinking of me and then wondering how you could help. Thank you...for doing what you did,instead of being too busy, or just forgetting about it. Thank you...For inking me on your priority to-do list, when you have so many other things to do; I am honored. It meant a lot to me. Thank you krishna and i also you care about people and it shows. You are generous with your time, giving of your energy,lavish with your unselfish deeds. I will remember your kindness to me.Thank you for brightening my world with your thoughtfulness. It really meant a lot.

mike_for_you88, usa


Lucky to meet her and truly amazing predictions which are intially tough to believe but eventually comes true, its always a great pleasure to interact with a person like her provoding clear response unlike others..



Thank u for a very detailes reading. Thi spsychic advisor truly connected to my situation with ease and was able to give me so much information. She is truly gifted and very caring. I will be back to consult with her again. xx
A++++ Free From the impurity, so relaxed and calm she is......I am so Relaxed and satisfied by her reading and the most impotent thing, she does not run after money by wasting your time in the private chat room as I have seen so many people doing this to innocent people.........truly she is blessed by Krishna Ji..........She is wonderful and I would personally recommend her for those, who really need help and don't want people to missus them for there business only........May Krishna bless you and gives you more power and vision to give us light.....Hare Krishna....:)


Truly gifted!!! Read the situation very well and she picked up on something else that was not related that was going on in my life. Something very specific and she described it exactly how I know it to be! She is the real deal and very connected to her cards. She was very patient and worked around the issues. This was my 2nd reading with her and I will be using her more often in the future.

This is actually an update on the first reading I had with Krishna way back in Jan.'12. She randomly gave me a warning about what to expect in the specific timeframe of Sept-Oct of this year and what she said way back then is exactly what has happened/is happening in this late Sept. I normally do not pay attention to long-term predictions as they tend to be less accurate due to life changes, but Krishna hit this one right of out the ballpark. Everything she predicted/warned me about is exactly what I'm going through right now and I had no memory of her mentioning this until now and I went back to check my saved reading. 100% nailed it! Excellent reader!



Thank so much for the patience and for helping me answer all them ?s i had bout love, life and talking to my dad on the other side. you are an awesome person and a talented lady Krishna!! god bless and thanks you again.

She is one of the Best psychics i have met... She really guided me and told me things shee can never know of my past! Truly gifted!!! im soo amazed with her ability! I will go to her every time I want help.. SHES EXCELLENT and truly gifted!!!!! :) THANK U!


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