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Greetings! My name is Keys. I can help you seek the path to a better life, be it Work, Wealth, Health, or Love. I use Thai Buddhism Karma Card or Thai Tarot Card to unlock your current Karma Destiny, and help you find a way to divert away from undesirable destiny.

Almost everyone have stress and sufferings in life. Some more, some less. And each individual has a different way in dealing with stress and sufferings. The poor has their sets of problems and the rich has their own sets of problems. Those actively seeking for love and those with loved ones also have different sets of problems. Everyone have different problems, but same results - stress and sufferings.

Human are driven by sufferings (a debatable perspective). We prioritize our life by what we would suffer most. We seek for things we don't have. We seek to have more of what we already have. We seek to protect whatever we have. We seek to avoid what we dislike. Constantly. And in the process, we Struggle to achieve what we seek for. And most of the time, the Struggling process is a long and tedious one, the cause of suffering. When we do achieve what we seek for, we are happy. And, for most people, happiness is short lived as new sets of what we seek comes in and we start struggling again and again.

Karma is action and reaction. It refers to cause and effect. The things you did in your past, within this life and past lives comes back to you as your destiny. Karma effect cannot be waived or made disappear, but can be delayed and/or diluted. But don't dwell in the past, you cannot change the past, just know that it affects your destiny today. The key lies in what you do Now. Although planning for the future is good common sense, I would propose that it is a 2 edge sword that can be a potential trap for yourself, and become the cause of more suffering. The key here lies on what type of goals you set, and what actions you take to achieve those goals, how was your past Karma and where and who you choose to be with.

My yardstick for success is Happiness. There are a lot of wealthy people out there who are plain miserable, bored or stressed out. Increasing wealth doesn't always implies reduced suffering. Easing suffering increases overall happiness.

Life and the Universe contains energy, I'm going to refer to it as Power. There are External Power and Internal Power. To tap into External Power, you have to align your mind and spirit (Internal) and synchronize with the External Power. There are White (+ve) and Black (-ve) External Power. For White Power, there are Cosmic Universe Power (Supreme Power), Power of Mother Nature. Let's not talk about Black Power. The secret to tapping into the True Power (Supreme+Nature) is to create Pure Power within you. Positive thoughts is a step towards creating Pure Power.

Positive thinking, positive actions and speech produce positive energy around you. And the Laws of Attraction draws you towards those who have similar positive energy. This process takes time, as it does take a while before you can accumlate a strong positive energy, and shake loose of the negative energy you have collected in the past.

Right Understanding/Knowledge of Nature, Right Perserverance, Learning Meditation and practising Constant Self Awareness, Conquering Negative Thoughts and Actions, Learning to Let Go, Choosing or Creating the Right Environment and Maintaining it, Making Right Promises and Keeping Them, Giving Rightly and Helping Others, are the some of the Keys to minimize sufferings, the Keys to the path that leads to inner Peace and Happiness.

I live in Thailand and I practice Buddhism precepts and meditation and the Keys to Life and I have learned how to tap into the Spiritual world from a Grand Master through the use of Thai Krama/Tarot Card. As mentioned above, Karma is the law of cause and effect. But the results or the effects sometimes spans over a long period of time or even lifetimes, too long that we cannot connect back to the cause. Good deeds begets good, bad deeds begets bad, sounds logical, but many a time it does not Appear to be so. I assure you that it is so! I can help you connect the dots, show you the path, by directing your specific acts of positive energy under the guidance from Supreme/Cosmic Power above, and show positive results within acknowledgable time frame.

I have been a Buddhist all my life. My path changed in 2007 when I joined a Sanctuary that lead me to practice Modern Buddhism. I began to walk the talk, started doing more meditation and cleaned up my precepts and soon I was given the opportunity to learn Thai Buddhism Karma/Tarot Card. I now practice meditation daily and occasionally paticipating Meditation Camps in the forests. In my quest for knowledge, I have taken Pilgrimage trips to many countries. India, China, Egypt, Isarael, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam are the countries that I have visited in my studies.

God blesses those who help themselves - those who think right, live right, act right.

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