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TOP RATED LOVE & RELATIONSHIP EXPERT! ★ Fast-Accurate-Honest ★ Timelines! ★ No tools! ★ Raised/Taught by an Advanced Psychic! ★ $2.99

As a 5th Generation psychic with direct parental mentoring in psychic work from a young age, this is my LIFE, not just my profession.

Looking for direction?
Facing difficult decisions?

I offer clarity and peace of mind, with compassion and absolutely no judgement.

Primarily, I am an expert in all kinds of relationships... as an Empath, I am closely attuned to emotion. All relationships (love or work-related), including family, marriage, dating, separation, divorce, and work-place interactions.

In a private reading, I will tell you what I see in regards to your specific situations: the emotions and motivations of others, up-coming problems as well as solutions along the current path, and things to avoid or pursue. I'll strive to give you an unbiased view, and give advice when asked.

When you and I take a look at your relationship, we'll look at what's going on now, as well as what will unfold over the next 6-12 months depending on what actions you take. This gives you choices: we will look at how moving in a different direction can be positive or negative for you.

I constantly maintain a 5 star rating and excellent testimonials. I work to sustain my client relationships. I care about YOU because I take seriously your faith in my ability to help you through tough times.

My Bio:
Since the age of 6 (I am 32 now), my mother (a professional psychic and published esoteric author) has instilled in me a strong foundation in both the use and strengthening of my abilities, including those as an Empath, a Psychic, and an Energy Channeler. I have been practicing divination for myself and others for over 20 years and have years of experience with psychic work, meditation, and spirituality in general. I have experience (both in-person, and in the classroom) with many different faiths and philosophies.


-->$15 = 1 Question Reading
-->$25 = 2 Question Reading (karmic horoscope)

✿ Other services available through email reading! ✿

-->Dream Interpretation
-->Psychic Exercises Booklet
-->Chakra Reading (energy points, sources of anxiety, blocks, etc)
-->Personalized Life Coach session

Choose one of the above services (instead of the 1 question reading) for $15, or one of the above services AND a 1 question reading for $25 (and SAVE $5!).
Want to work on your Psychic Muscles? Want to open or exercise your ability to see, hear, and experience that other world through your own psychic senses? I offer a book on how to do just that! I offer exercises as well as tips on how to more easily reach out with those senses, and explore the world of the spirit more thoroughly. The exercises and tips I offer are ones I have used for years, some handed down to me from my mother, who is also a well-regarded psychic in the community. I invite you to walk the world of "other" with me.. to see what I see, to hear what I hear, and to know what I know.
-->To purchase this book, please select the 15$ email reading, and please let me know you want the "psychic 101 book", or, select the 25$ email reading and ask 1 question and for the book.. that's a reading plus a book!

Other services offered:

►Life Coaching/Self-Empowerment - Cultivating a positive attitude can be hard work, but it's worth the effort and it rewards greatly over time. I have years of experience with my own struggles to learn and use the tools of self-empowerment, and I can help guide you in your journey to a better sense of self.

►Meditation/Tips and Tricks - Good for beginners! I use a "training wheels" meditation technique I developed for myself to help those who have never meditated or find traditional methods difficult. It can also bring new perspective to those who have experience meditating.

►Spiritual Counseling - Sometimes we need someone who will help us find the way towards a better understanding of ourselves and the universe. Let me be that someone for you. A psychic reading, perhaps some light meditation, and a little discussion, We will discover things like who you are, what you want out of life, what is lacking or slowing your growth as a person.

I am also a Color Psychic, which means color is just one part of how I connect to you.

When clients ask me to use tarot, the deck that I use (The Osho Zen) is unlike most others because it's wonderful for finding meaning in the here and now, as well as how things are shaping up into the future. It's also great for finding direction in life; it can provide insight into what paths are right for you, and lead you to a better understanding of where you are headed. I believe it is a very open and giving conduit for positive energy and great insight.

☆*☆*☆Confused about the path of your life?☆*☆*☆
☆*☆*☆Do you have tough choices to make?☆*☆*☆
☆*☆*☆Are you searching for meaning?☆*☆*☆

All you need is a little counseling from the universe, and that's where I come in.
We all feel lost sometimes, but I can shine a light into the darkness to help you find your way!

Free Chat Rules:
Please do not give out any personal information in the free/public chat, to protect your own and others privacy. I do not give one question, one card or any other freebies in free chat. Many topics of conversation are acceptable, within reason, however politics is not one of them. Also, try to keep the chat a swear-free zone, and the jokes G rated.

LGBT friendly!!! :o)

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