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"All returning clients if you find me offline feel free to drop an email reading with ur questions, I will reply them at your earliest"
TO SAVE YOUR CREDITS YOU CAN GIVE NECESSARY DETAILS IN FREE CHAT BEFORE YOU GO TO PRIVATE SESSION:) My readings are fast and accurate so you won't regret spending your credits ࿊࿊࿊

Those who want to see my latest updates can add me on Oranum commiunity page " Jia Oranum"
May you come to realize that insignificant as you may seem in this great universe, you are an important part of God’s plan. May He watch over you and keep u safe from harm (amen).

Why did I choose this psychic name? Dear Clients, I receive divine messages from angels and spirits for my clients as solution to their problems. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathetic psychic reader. I use tarot cards and pendulum also for making accurate predictions. Many of my clients have also acknowledged my abilities of connecting with spirit through mediumship. I have a strong intuitive ability which I use for my clients during private sessions. If you are confused about your spiritual growth, relationship turmoil and financial milestones; please feel free to take me into private reading for clarity. I also offer my healing powers to heal different emotional and psychic complaints.

Dear members
 I don’t do free readings/cards/yes no questions but in DEMO time
 I cannot read in private without knowing necessary details.
 I cannot give information about developing gifts like mine in free chat
 Everyone is welcomed in my room and I thank you everyone for being kind and modest with each other


My grandparents and parents have transmitted healing and reading gifts to me. Some of those gifts are
 Love and Relationship Analyzer(Family issues, breakup with beloved, re-union, new love coming in)
 Empath, Clairaudient , Clairvoyant and medium
 Ability to read things by making remote spiritual connections
 Pitcure Reading
 Healing through Telepathy, individual energy chakras meditation, spirits, angels and crystals
 Spitirual Coaching and Guide Channeling
 Angelic Counselor
 Fengshui Advisor
 Interpreting meaning from Dreams
 Color Therapist

 I use different tarot decks, astrological signs, pendulum and inner guidance during my reading in private chat.
 I use different colors, and crystal plus angel guidance for healing my clients in private chat
I am born with these gifts and have always been helping many friends and family members with their life issues for last many years.

 What does my love think of me?
 When is he /she coming back?
 When will I get married?
 When will my husband divorce me?
 When will I move on to new house?
 Is my home haunted?
 Why am I not getting success in career?
 Who is creating blockage in my life?
 Should I stick to my current lover or move on?
 Are we two compatible?
 What does future holds for me and my beloved?
 When will my beloved contact me?
 Does he/she think of me?
 Will my mother/father get better in their health?
 Is there new man/woman coming into my love life?
 What does future hold for my kids?
 Should I change my job or stick to it?
 What does my beloved think of me?
 Why does my family have a bad karma?
 Which archangel is helping me?
 Which archangel I should call for help?
 Which stone is best for my success?
 Do I have psychic gifts also?
 How can I strengthen my psychic abilities?
 How can I strengthen my spiritual powers?
 How can I activate my third eye chakra?
 Will I travel to other country?
 Will I get my visa extension?
 When will I have more money?
 Why do I feel stuck?
 Will I have a new family life?
 Will I regain my lost powers?
 When will my sufferings end?
 Will I get study visa?
 Will I get success in examination?
 Will I get this job?
 Will my wish come true?
 What does this dream mean?
 How can dreams help us?
 Which color should I use more?
 Which area in my room would bring love to me?

I do offer email readings also. Please provide these details when you order email reading.
In Case of Picture Reading
 Please attach the clear face photo with no shades on.
 Size of the photo should be appropriate.
 Quality of printing should be good.
 Do mention what you need to know about the person whose photo you have attached?
 Please provide the person’s date of birth, time of birth, place of birth also.

In Case of Love Reading
 Please provide one unambiguous question.
 Provide both persons’ date of birth, time of birth, place of birth also.
 Please mention the reference, if you had an earlier reading with me.


• Wow!!! Godmessage is so amazing she is quick in connecting with her clients and gives you accuracy including time frame & details. She complietly blew my mind. Looking for answers she is the person to go to. Trust me you will not be disappointed.
Lucy117, New Yor City

• She is an angel..Lifted you with her insights ; encourage you to have a leapt of faith.I will come back to her definitely and impart the blissful from God.
aeon_flux, Makati Ctiy

• Wonderful reader. Completely accurate. She connected me to my father who passed away and I was literally in tears at my computer. She was spot on. Contact her if you desire the truth!
Chloe28, Alaska

• One gorgeous soul with an equally gorgeous smile and a fantastic heart. Her readings are more like consultations for soul searching. She is an honest person and tries to help others very sincerely. I wish you all the best and many more 300s to come your way but the truth is that i will always be your 300. Take care and keep smiling
bushrabe, pakistan

• Dearest beloved, beautiful Soul. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart :-) your message was just what I needed hun. I am so full of gratitude of been drowned to you, I give you a million stars in Love and light from Gitte
Gebcie, Denmark

• Loving, compassionate and really someone who cares, thank you!
Rudolphh, south africa

• She is great. I did a private reading with her and I was very satisfied with what she told me.
PapiReina, Atlanta

• This is my 2nd time talking to an Angel, she knows what she is doing fast and accurate. Hope her predictions will come true at some point. I would give her 100 stars if I could. We are Blessed to have someone like here around to help others and heal souls.
Joan84, MI

• 5 starts to Godmessage. She told me a specific event would happen in one or two days and it happened. Prediction came to pass. Truly gifted. I recommend this expert without hesitation
._Alexis, _x

• No show-boating, no pretentiousness and a lot of focus. I really liked her a lot. She felt genuine and she answered my questions without trying to draw everything out for the sake of time. This was my first chat experience. I have bookmarked her and will be coming back.
Becca800, Portsmouth


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