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WHITE SPELL-get your partner back!Time Frames! ♣♣♣Find what your partner think and feel about you!!!Empath, intuitive energy healer and light worker. Tarot, Chakra Readings and Tunings. I am able to sense energy blocks, gaps, or tears and provide long distance healing sessions. I also use Reiki and crystals to enhance connections & energies.

I have always focused my energy on guiding people and helping them find their true happiness in life, whether it is thru love, happiness, luck, family, friends or finances. I am always here to lend a helping hand.
A lot of people can say they are gifted but it's mostly the people who can prove it who truly have a gift.
Everything I know is thru experience. Why hide/run from your problems. They help you learn and grow in life. Everybody has been thru good and bad, but I am here to show them that there is more good than bad and to always be positive. if you are looking for the truth then take me for a private reading and let me prove to you that my psychic gift and knowledge will change your life for the better and you will be happy!

Feeler Clairsentience picks up thoughts, feelings and experiences that manifest as a feeling. What they are feeling is energy translated into a feeling. Their sense of touch is well-developed and they have the ability to know people by feeling what they feel.

Energy Reading/Viewing – reading your energy to see balance of all chakras.

Remote Energy Viewing, reading your partner or ex-partner's or anyone else's energy through yours. This is amazingly accurate and helps to give you an idea of how he or she is feeling.

♣♣♣How Does Distance Healing Work?♣♣♣

Another way of dealing with being a highly sensitive empath who is attracting negative energy and negative feelings is to transmute that negativity within you, or within her. People with empathic abilities are often healers in one form or another, and this is the way of turning empathy into power. The empathic feelings that you receive indicate what needs to be healed in the other person, and there are several ways to work with empathic healing: one way is to project energy to that person (which also works for places and animals that need healing or cleansing), and the other is to transmute and transform the negative feelings within you and within your own body when you have absorbed them.

It is preferable to transmit healing energy to that person, to see them bathed in light and love, surrounded by light and love, and healed by light and love. You can project that healing energy through your mind and intention, or you can imagine that the person is in front of you, and direct healing energy into them with your hand. You can visualize their pain or energy blocks flowing out of them and into the earth, where they are transformed into love.
Some people have empathic abilities that are so strong that they are not limited by time or space and can pick up feelings and energies from other people and places at a distance. As a professional psychic, I use my empathic abilities to connect with people all over the world, and I can feel what they are feeling emotionally, and also physically when necessary. There are certain relationships that form empathic bonds that transcend space: twins are known to be able to feel what their twin is feeling at a distance often throughout their lives, and some mothers can also feel when their children are in distress even when they are far away. The closer we are to someone emotionally, the more we pick up on their emotions and energies.
Because you and your soul mate cannot be together at this time, your soul mate is likely to be feeling a lot of pain, sadness and frustration, and those are the feelings that you are picking up on. There are a few ways of working with this. Next time you speak with her, tell her that you can feel her feelings, and remind her that you are always connected with each other even when you cannot be together. Tell her that whenever she feels the longing to be with you, or when she feels that she is missing you, she should close her eyes and imagine your arms around her. Instead of her focusing on the pain of distance, have her call upon your love, and bathe in the light of that love. Tell her that whenever she is feeling sad, lonely, depressed, frustrated, etc., she has only to close her eyes and breathe in your love, because you are always with her.

Anyone can do this with a soul mate at a distance, even if they have not met that soul mate yet - it is much better to fill oneself with the love of a soul mate that is ever-present than it is to wallow in the pain of loneliness, loss or lack. Connecting with the love of your soul mate in the present is how to draw your soul mate to you quickly, because love is a healing and attractive force that transcends time and space.

♣♥♣♥♣♥ ABOUT ME ♣♥♣♥♣♥

I am a Master Energy Healer and Reiki certified.

I am an experienced Love/Relationship and Life Coach.I could tell you what your partner thinks and feels about you and what actions he/she would take in future.

Whether you have a question about Love, Relationship, Career, Finances, or any other question, I feel confident I can provide you with an answer.

♣♥♣♥♣♥ MEMBER SAID ABOUT ME: ♣♥♣♥♣♥

Brama has worked with me for almost 1 year now and oh such growth I have experienced! My internal life is so rich now, I am resonating at a much higher vibrational frequency, and all of my friends and family see this change. They say things like there's something different about you- what is it? I smile and say I am connecting to my life's purpose, what could be more profoundly life altering than that! The change is always internal first. Once I changed, those around me changed or they simply went away. No effort, no work, it is a very naturally occurring result of connecting with source and finding your life's purpose. Once you are there it is heaven on earth. Thank You Brama for your expert guidance and most of all your genuine care for others. - Teresa

→ Wow, he is wonderful and his healing is spectacular ! So happy to have found him here. Namaste!!! (sacredlove71, United States)

→ This is the next day from making a connection with my chakra’s and I am very sensitive to energy work, and today I am now feeling … a relaxation in the chakra’s that both acknowledged were blocked a bit, and I hear some of the words he said to help me. I am focused now on making those changes, one step at a time. Releasing that 1st chakra is huge. I have to come back to him so we can work together. I felt one with him, his presence in melding and healing is strongly felt today. Thank you Brahma, I will be back. Love and many blessings to you, every day, in all you do. HUGS!!! (Panina, Orem, Utah, USA)

→ He is really good at balancing people’s energy. I would recommend him for example to balance your energy when you are going through bad times, or before a major event. He will send you the energy you need to do well. Thank you! (HopeForTheFuture, Calgary)

→ Brama1 is a gentle-man and highly intuitive person. He is very effective in sensing in-balances and locating the corresponding chakra. After 2 sessions I know he is a gifted healer. He is connected to white light and is an open channel – I have benefited greatly and wish to thank him for his assistance. My journey has begun. (teresasan, New York)




FREE CHAT is for general chat & is a free benefit for my clients that have follow up questions after a reading or in between paid readings. Be nice or be banned from chat. Let’s reduce confusion so please wait to be called before typing other than to say "hi". Newcomers, come say 'hello'. "Test" or "connection" questions are unnecessary. Please read client testimonials if you need reassurance. Site rules won't allow readings in free chat. I don't do demos but I will answer a question in free chat for clients that maintain regular private readings with me. If you are not already my client, you're welcome to watch while I answer client questions that have had readings with me. I'll be happy to discuss new comers concerns with you in private.

In here you can join our conversation ask ONE FREE GENERAL QUESTION.
Any QUESTIONS that involves relationship. job. money or future event will not be answered in free chat they will be answered in a PRIVATE READING. There will be NO FREE READINGS GIVEN or MULTIPLE questions ANSWERED to one given person. however.... I will be available for a PRIVATE READING at anytime you are.

Everyone is welcome to stay & chat with others in the room BUT ... If the RULES are not met. I have no choice but to kick/ban that member and if needed inform the managers of ORANUM.COM to ban your member name

These are the rules of MY FREE CHAT so, follow THE RULES and enjoy your stay :)

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