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I have to say, I really like her. Yes, she has all of the traits that make for a good reader, and a bit more. She uses some form of traditional tarot cards, and works from there. I found the cards pulled to be quite accurate and specific. She will elaborate on the cards and has a wealth of knowledge about astrology which I found she related to me about me very well. (unlike most people that do pull cards and talk astrology, hers was really spot on) I recommend her, plus, she is such a sweet, easygoing person to talk to. And! she really could tell what I was feeling which I really appreciated. So there! - cocoatheclown, Santa Cruz

Has wisdom beyond her years, and beautiful to boot! - RoonilWazlib, München

I really enjoyed the reading. Was very fast and right to the point. - mimatisse, washington dc

She had some good ideas and advise. Now i wait and see what happens. - HOTRODLOST

Melissa you are amazing thanks :) mzgg85,- somewhere in d south

Great as always - focusing, Atlanta

Her energy is very calming. Thank you very much. - 1234confused

She is a very good listener and is intuitive and sensitive . I like her fresh and untainted spirit! A clear and strong mind and great intuition, Thank You!
- rainbowspark, Cape Cod

Kind and provides advise - honest about what she can connect with and not.
- lilliableu, us

Excellent reading!!! - Bojan99, S

Nice and encouraging. Thank you for your help and for listening. - Rescume8, fl

She has a wonderful piece of insightful knowledge into situations! -1111warlock, Lanark Scotland

Very nice and wants to help! Ran out of time so will visit again. - mhharview, usa

Spot on read from Melissa.......encourage others to have a reading form her thank you Melissa xo Good luck on Oranum - mad_69, Sydney

Please read the following:

No free questions or freebies in free chat. No spamming or giving me details of your personal life. Remember that everyone has access to freechat, and you never know who is reading. Netiquette is also a must.

We are not permitted to share personal information such as email addresses etc.

In private I I type so that you don’t miss anything. I require your name, date of birth and question. It is handy to have a pen and paper with you so that you can note down important things, we can type and you can save the conversation to re-read later on.

One option to save you time and money is the E-mail reading. If you don’t have time to go to private or you are wanting to save money, simply press the request email reading option which is shown when I am offline. I respond within 48 hours with a full astrological report regarding your question, again for this I need your name, date of birth and time and place of birth. If you have a question regarding you and another person, this is the best reading option as I make you a Comparascope. This is perfect for relationships or friendships.

My name is Melissa and I am 20 years old. I was born on March 12 in the evening and my parents told me that there were hundreds of birds perched on trees singing outside the hospital the moment I was born - as if they were singing for me. I have grown up in a spiritual environment and my father Chris Robinson is a famous international psychic. I possess some of the traits of a Pisces. I am in touch with the mystic, definitely a dreamer, intuitive and compassionate. I dislike Know-it-alls and cruelty. But this is only part of who I am.
I have always as a child been interested in the Planets and the Universe, and Horoscopes. I am studying Astrology to become an Astrologer.

When I was eight years old I started remembering dreams and a few days later watching them come to life. I didn't understand at the time what was happening, but since then I have let them guide me into making decisions. If something drastic or important is going to happen to me or someone close to me it is almost certain I will dream something that shows this is coming. As I am still young I am still developing and learning. I have good and bad experiences in love in particular, and I am empathic and will be able to help you.

I have seen loved ones pass away and in my dreams they sometimes talk to me. I am emotional, understanding and I love to help and encourage people. I am also a very good listener. I can connect to how you are feeling.

I am a Pisces with rising sign in Scorpio, and Moon in Cancer, all water elements, below is some information from my chart.
Sun is in 22 Degrees Pisces
Extremely sensitive and emotional. I am very helpful and understanding of the needs of others.
Moon is in 03 Degrees Cancer
For the most part, I am strong and secure emotionally. I intuitively know what to do to make others feel comfortable, loved, accepted and needed. I naturally enjoy taking care of others. Extremely sensitive by nature, I go out of my way to be accommodating others.

Astrology. Angel Cards. Tarot Cards. Pendulum. Dreams. Common sense.

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*Remember that your future is not all fixed, things constantly change around us. I will show you what I see in the spread, but all actions and thoughts have to be your own to get to where you want to be - and by doing something else you can alter your future.

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